Out and About and the Charities we supported

Out & About

In 1980 and 1981 the first Golf and Bowls competitions respectively were started and followed by the first official Bridge competition in 1994/95.

In 1988/89, District Secretary, Jean Orpin, with the help of Anne Mountain formed the first Solo Group, not only in D24, but in Inner Wheel; lunches, shopping trips and weekends away were enjoyed. There was the infamous boat trip on the River Avon, just a weekend at first and then, later on, a week. Lock Keepers radioed ahead to say “The Merry Widows were on their way”.

PDC Jean Orpin was the first District Chairman to have a mobile phone paid for by the District for her safety. It was huge and very cumbersome but, within a very short time, most PDC’s had their own phone - the start of another new era.

In 1993/94, each Club had the choice of planting a tree to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs, and there were quite a few Clubs who took this project on.

Our Support for Charities

D24 has supported many charities over the years - too many to mention, but all very worthwhile. Hearing the charity speakers has sometimes been heart rending but has given us an insight into the sterling work they do.

For a small District we have done extremely well. Each year we have raised monies for our own District charities and also for those of the Association President and Association Overseas Chairman. In addition, we have sent many practical items to needy countries and their people. There have been floods, bush fires, earthquakes and hurricanes, and the members of D24 have rallied round to support all in need, both in GB&I and overseas. We feel very proud when we hear the reports from both District and Association on how much support Inner Wheel has given, knowing most of the Clubs in D24 have contributed.

Giving service has also played an important part, with members helping at local clubs for the blind, hospital shops, clubs for the disabled, retirement homes, and occupational workshops, just to name a few.

The majority of Clubs in D24 have supported their corresponding Rotary Club, be it cooking lunches, arranging food for senior citizens’ parties, fetes, manning gates or, at one time before ‘health and safety’, serving refreshments at mud races and bonfire nights; if Rotary has needed our support we have been there.

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