Home Service

Clubs in District 24 work to support a number of Charities through fundraising and providing practical support.

This year 2016-2017 District Chairman Janet Larkey has asked clubs to support a children or young person's charity or young carers in their local area.  She has asked clubs to let her know which charity they support.


Home Service Report

January to December 2015

All 20 clubs in District 24 returned a Home Service Report for 2015, thanks to all.

Clubs celebrated Inner Wheel Day 2015 in a number of ways, a Bring & Buy sale with Coffee Morning, Lunches, Afternoon Tea and a Friendship evening with nearby club.

Responses to the question about Service to the Community brought an inspiring list of acts as clubs are enthusiastic about supporting local and national charities. These include coffee mornings, parties for disabled, visually impaired and toddlers and taking part in a Christmas Tree Festival. Lunches for Blind Club and other charities, teas for Mencap and other charities. Supporting Food Banks, Hospices and Women’s Refuge. Publicity & fundraising stalls at air show, wishing well, collecting stamps and bottle tops. Responding to needs of local community, choir entertaining in residential home and transporting elderly.

When asked about assistance given and joint activities with Rotary this brought a number of differing responses which shows that the links between Inner Wheel and Rotary are very strong. Clubs also supported the joint District 24 Inner Wheel and District 1240 Rotary Carol Concert, A Gift to the World.

Unusual ways of fundraising and one-off special projects in in 2015 the Clubs gave an impressive list of responses. There were a number of quiz nights and coffee mornings and events focussing on food. Book sales, home-made jam and pickle and card sales, knitted toys, a Whist Drive, Garden Party, Tombola stall and bag packing at Supermarket also took place. More unusual events were a Youth Music & Drama event, a Wishing Well on Sea Front, Unlock a life for Lockey and In the Pink coffee morning.

Clubs were asked about the Charities in GB&I they had supported financially in 2015. They had supported Association President’s Thelma’s Charity, Home Start and Association President Trish’s Charity, Parkinson’s UK. Clubs had supported District Chairman Jean’s Charity the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance. District Chairman Jane has asked for engagement in Dementia Friends and not a monetary contribution.

Clubs had also supported other charities - 28 National Charities, 7 for young people, 3 for the disabled, 9 for a hospice, 18 in the local community, 10 medical and 7 other charities, demonstrating a continuing support for diverse Charities both nationally and locally.

The total of Charitable donations from Clubs in District 24 to G.B.&I. Charities in 2015 is

£ 25,783.90

District Editor - Celia Clark
January 2016



Association President Trish Douglas's chosen charity for 2015-2016 is Parkinson's UK



In 2014-2015 District Chairman Jean has asked clubs also to support the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, more details about the charity can be found at http://www.ehaat.uk.com/.


District 24 Home Service Report for 2014

All clubs in District 24 returned a Home Service Report for 2014 here is a fairly brief synopsis of the report sent to Association.

Clubs are continuing to find a variety of ways to celebrate World Inner Wheel Day ranging from charity lunches and coffee mornings to packing handbags with goodies, collecting for Foodbanks and preparing postage stamps for the hospice or RNIB.

The acts of service provided by Clubs for their local communities’ remains impressive because of the many different charities, clubs are passionate about. Response to Janet’s charities McMillan and Foodbanks , was stunning highlighting the friendship of clubs but also giving Janet a feeling of support during a difficult period.

Clubs arranged outings for the Chenobyl children, helped at centres for the blind, disabled and elderly as well as providing toys, bedding and clothing for premature babies and disadvantaged children. Other practical help took many different forms ; providing transport for shopping and hospital visits, assisting with a “talking newspaper” for the blind, helping at a stroke support club and a breast cancer group, visiting the elderly and carol singing in care homes were just some of the activities in which Clubs were involved. Whether it was Bag a Bra, listening to a Ukulele Band or filling shoeboxes it was all in the name of Inner Wheel.

The Wheels project gathered momentum at Club, District and National level resulting in a phenomenal project. It gave clubs the chance to be innovative, make their own choices and respond to the 90th anniversary of Inner Wheel in an unforgettable way. It demonstrated, at every level, the fundamental objects of the Inner Wheel organisation.

Many clubs continue their close association with Rotary ,not only in a wide range of social events but also giving valuable assistance in fund raising activities with catering, street collections, running stalls and even being elves in Santa’s Grotto! There was also Inner Wheel involvement in Rotary Community events, ranging from help at music and speaking competitions for young people to serving Christmas Day meals.

In 2014 a total of £29,063 was raised by District 24 for 60 charities in GB&I. 

Both the Association President’s and District Chairman’s charities were supported as were a wide range of national and local charities. Importantly, the donations people made to Foodbanks cannot be quantified in monetary terms. The reason for choosing Foodbanks was that it was an instant response and relief to people in need- everyone could donate in whichever way was appropriate to their circumstances.

District 24 appreciate the hard work in compiling the D24 Home Service reports and acknowledge and thank all members for their generosity.

At Association conference, Enid Law (Association Editor) announced that the total raised for Home Service charities was a minimum of £1,222,099.87 (reported donations only) These figures show that between Home and International Service, over one and  a half million pounds was raised by members throughout GB&I