International Service

District International Service Organiser Liz sets clubs two more challenges for International Service

Following the success of her four challenges in the last Inner Wheel year when the District sent

a)over 10lbs of jewellery in aid of Intercare
b) over 100 Yorkshire tea bar codes in aid of the Wheelchair Foundation UK
c) 26 knitted blue and gold blankets to the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital
d) packed 50 rucksacks and sent 26 knitted teddies and over £700 to School in a Bag

District International Service Organiser Liz decided to set clubs in her District two new International Service challenges for the new Inner Wheel year.

The challenges are:

a) Support Smalls for All by collecting unwanted bras and knickers – How many items can we collect ( To find out more about Smalls for All look at their website –
b) Support Trade Aid by collecting unwanted buttons which will help teach young women in Africa how to become a seamstress – How many Ilbs of buttons can we collect. ( To find out more about Trade Aid look at their website at www

Liz said “ I was so delighted with the enthusiasm in which members took up and results of the challenges I set last year, that I knew I wanted to set some challenges again this year. I really hope that Smalls for All and Trade Aid will benefit from the support that I know our members will give them.


Big Thank you from the International Children’s Trust

I wanted to send you a big thank you from all of us at the International Children’s Trust, and all the children we help support, for choosing to change a child’s world.

Your member’s donation is invaluable in helping to create real and lasting change in the lives of many young children. By tackling the root causes of child poverty we ensure that the cyclical pattern of poverty can be broken and that children all over the globe have the physical, emotional and educational support to build a better life. Your donation is making that vision a reality.


Thank You Inner Wheel District 24

Thank You Inner Wheel District 24 for you for your wonderful and kind donation that we have received from yourselves.

For 28 years The Sreepur Village has provided a safe home, nutrition, healthcare, livelihood training and an education to destitute single-mothers and their children.

Thank you for helping us bring life-changing opportunities and a brighter future to our mothers and children beneficiaries. Your generosity is much appreciated and never taken for granted






With love from the mothers and children of Sreepur x


District International Service Organiser Liz Meddle is delighted that the November District Meeting is to be dedicated to International Service. Liz said “ Inner Wheel members tend to be on the shy side when it comes to telling others about the support they give to various charities, whilst still supporting Inner Wheel. Therefore I am really pleased that three members of Inner Wheel in District 24 have agreed to come and speak at the November meeting about the international charities they support. If this goes down well I am hoping that we will be able to repeat the exercise so that we can all get to find out more about these charities and what members get up to when they are not supporting Inner Wheel!”


District International Service Organiser Liz Meddle has received a message from Hamlin Fistula Uk.

"23rd August 2016
This is to thank the members of the Inner Wheel Club for their knitting.  It was delivered from friend to friend before reaching us on Monday.
With many thanks."




The Journey of a blanket!

You’ve heard of the saying “From little acorns great oak trees grow” well how about “From one stitch great blankets grow.”

I am absolutely delighted that following the challenge I set last July I received a total of 26 knitted blue and gold blankets to pass onto the Addis Ababa Fistula hospital.

But how do you get 26 blankets from Essex to Halesowen in the West Midlands, the UK base of the Hamlin Trust and as cheaply as possible!

The answer is Inner Wheel friendship!

I spoke to Valerie Redfern who was District 6’s International Service Organiser last year and asked her if I was to get the blankets to the Leicester Assembly could she arrange their onward travel. Unfortunately Valerie was not going to Leicester but her Immediate Past District Chairman, Maureen Buxton was! A few days later I got a call from Valerie to say that Maureen had agreed to take the blankets and the Halesowen club had agreed to pick them up from Valerie and ensure their safe delivery to the UK base of the Hamlin Trust.

So with the support of the D6 Executive, the Inner Wheel Club of Halesowen and the Hamlin Trust our blankets should soon be in Addis Ababa. What a journey for a blanket – from an individual member’s home – to their club – to District 24 Executive – to the Leicester Assembly– To District 6 Executive– to the Halesowen club – and finally onto the Hamlin Trust and that’s before they actually travel to Addis Abbaba.

I bet the ladies who benefit from these blankets will never guess the complicated journey these blankets have had to get to them, But I am so pleased that we were able to do it and without spending a penny too!

Liz Meddle

District 24

International Service Organiser


Association International Service Chairman Ann Acaster and District 24 Service International Service Organiser Liz Meddle will be supporting School in a Bag. for 2015-2016

According to UNICEF figures, 20% of the world’s child population will never attend school.

School in a Bag is a simple solution created to help poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster affected children throughout the world. Each SchoolBag is filled with stationery, learning resources and eating utensils that will enable a child to write, draw, colour, calculate, express themselves and above all learn.

An education for these children could be their passport to a life out of hardship and poverty.


Message from District International Service Organiser Liz Meddle

I am so delighted that Luke Simon, CEO of School in a Bag will be visiting District 24 on 28th April 2016. This is especially as, accompanied by Association International Service Ann Acaster, he will only have flown in from Nepal the previous day having been to see the work of School in a Bag on the ground there.

An awareness event for Inner Wheel members has been organised at the Rawreth Village Hall. Not only will Luke be speaking to us about School in a Bag and hopefully giving news about Nepal hot of the press, but he will also lead us in a practical bag packing session. Apparently it is important that everything is packed in the right order so it all fits in!!

We will also be passing onto Luke a number of knitted teddies to accompany the school bags. These will help children to learn how to play as well as the bags helping children to learn academically. After all who doesn’t love a teddy!


International Service Reoprt 2015

The District International Service Organiser reports annually on International Service carried out within the District, some of the highlights from the 2015 report are listed below:

A total of £11,650.78 was donated to International charities in 2015.

Charities supported include Benin Christian Trust, Children of Chernobyl, Hamlyn Fistula Trust ( Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital), International Children’s Trust, Mary’s Meals, Medicin sans Frontier, Oxfam, Samaritan’s Purse, School in a Bag, Shelter Box, Sightsavers, Sreepur Village, UK aid and Water Aid.

Donated goods included:
Bed linen, sewing buttons, children’s toys, clothing for men, women and children, computer keyboards, Knitted items of all types, school backpacks, spectacles, stamps, filled shoes boxes and walking frames

Service done by members for an international charity
Visit to Africa to take jewellery, scarves and ties
Comforts for Mission to Seafarers
Secretary of the Rotary Jaipur Limb Project
Donation to the Gurkha Welfare Trust
Support in aid of Oxfam, Christian Aid, Tear Fund, Sightsavers, Convey of Hope and Baptist Missionary Society

Members visiting International Projects
Visit to the UK base of UK Aid
International Service Projects Supported Jointly with Rotary
Shelter box
Rotary Convey of Hope
Rotary Purple Pinkie Appeal
Benin Christian Trust
Providing second hand clothes and shoes for families in Gambia
Tanzania Computer Project


Message from District International Service Organiser Liz Meddle

After the national assembly for District Officers that took place in Leicester in July this year, I gave each of the 20 Inner Wheel clubs in District 24, four challenges for international service

  1. To support Association International Service Chairman Ann Acaster’s charity “School in a bag”. Each club to be challenged to raise £30 in order to purchase two school in a bag rucksacks.  To join in this challenge and find out more about School in a Bag have a look at their website at
  2. Each club challenged to collect as many bar codes from Yorkshire Tea products in aid of the Wheelchair Foundation UK.  To join in this challenge and find out more about the Wheelchair Foundation have a look at their website at
  3. Each club challenged to collect as much unwanted costume jewellery as possible in aid of Intercare.  To join in this challenge and find out more about Intercare have a look at their website at
  4. To support the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital. Each club challenged to knit a plain Jane square in either gold or navy blue for each member in their club. A total of 429, 6 inch squares which will make just under 9 blankets. I am sure we will be able to make a few extra!  If you would like to join in this challenge here are the specifications for the blankets:

6” squares
Double Knitting Wool
No 8 Needle
33 stitches (very approx) in Garter stitch
Approx 60 rows (depending on tension)
Completed Blanket: 6 squares by 8 squares (36” x 48”)
To find out more about the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital have a look at their website at

It seems that the challenges have caught the imagination of every club in the District. I have already been swamped with jewellery, blue and gold knitted squares, barcodes and monetary donations. I am proud that at the start of my first year as District International Service Organiser that District 24 continues to support overseas charities in such a generous way and I hope you have been inspired to join in one of my challenges too!



Mary’s meals is District 24’s International Service Charity for 2014/15.

Clubs will be raising funds as well as providing and packing back-packs with educational aids.  Our aim as a District is to provide at least 100 backpacks.

If you have new or good quality second-hand items as noted on the backpack list that you can give in support of mary’s meals, please contact your local Inner Wheel Club.   THANK YOU

You can contact your local club via the International Service Organiser - or the Webmaster

Please see update in Latest News

mary’s meals is currently feeding 1,035,637 of the world’s poorest children every school day in Benin, Liberia, South Sudan, Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, India, Thailand, Burma, Bosnia, Ecuador and Haiti.

mary’s meals is a no frills charity with a simple idea that works by providing one good meal in a place of learning.  Children are drawn into the classroom where they can receive an education that could one day free them from poverty.

mary’s meals feeds each child for a cost of just £12.20 for a whole school year.  This is achieved by purchasing their supplies in the country in which they operate thus supporting the local economy and by enlisting community support to cook the meal.  93p from every £1 goes to charitable works.

Children who might otherwise be working, looking after siblings or scavenging rubbish dumps are given the opportunity to receive an education.

Children find that when they are not hungry, they can concentrate on their school work and they do well.

Children are healthier with regular food and can enjoy playing at break-time instead of just sitting quietly to conserve energy for the walk home.

With the help of mary’s meals, children are enthusiastic to learn but often their families are too poor to buy them the pencils and paper they need.   This is where the backpacks come in!

Back-pack Recipe!                                                                                                                                                               

You will need: backpack; notepad; pencils; pens; crayons; eraser; ruler; sharpener; pencil case; towel; shorts or skirt; t-shirt or dress (4 – 12 years); flip-flops or sandals (4-12 years); small ball eg tennis ball; soap; toothbrush; toothpaste; spoon.

PLEASE do not add further items – it can cause problems at Customs and bring a halt to goods being accepted.

Clothing can be second-hand as long as it is in good condition.

Carefully fold ingredients together and pour into the backpack making sure that footwear and clothing will suit one age. Note age and suitability for boy or girl on a label and attach. No Cooking is required.

Take photos of your creation and send them to your local paper and radio station with the story of mary’s meals. Please bring you completed packs to the District Meeting on 4th March 2015 for the biggest gathering of backpacks that D24 has ever seen!  

More info from or visit mary's meals website



Jean and Jane celebrate


Jean and Jane with the amazing display of backpacks.

A mountain of backpacks, destined for the charity, Mary's Meals, was assembled in Marks Tey Village Hall on Wednesday, 4th March 2015, at the District Meeting.


175 backpacks in total were assembled at the meeting and another 130 - making a total of 305, have already gone directly from Inner Wheel Clubs all over Essex.




Jane reports annually on International Service carried out in the District, some of the highlights from the 2014 report are listed below.

 Service carried out by members for an International Charity

  • Talks given by a member for Felsted Aid for Deprived Children (UK Aid)
  • Member takes jewellery and scarves to a village in Africa for World Vision; Support of a community health project in India (Olive Jefferies Good Foundation) and the North Thailand English Teaching Project
  • Member donated and another delivered a hand sewing machine to Tools for Self Reliance
  • Two members made gifts of pens and pencils to schools in Sri Lanka and Cambodia
  • Support of Breast screening and other project in Portugal
  • Member supports Oxfam, Sightsavers, Tear Fund and Baptist Missionary Society
  • Member sends books and stationery to school in Wmpopo, South Africa

 Members visiting International Projects One club reports a visit to a Project supporting a clinic in Burma.

 International Service Projects Supported Jointly with Rotary

Eleven clubs report joint support with Rotary as follows:
  • Hope and Aid Direct x 3 - Convoys of Hope to Kosovo
  • Funding for hospital in Sierra Leone
  • Shelterbox to Philippines
  • Benin Christian Trust
  • Mary’s Meals x 2
  • Rotary Wheelchair Project
  • Computers to Tanzania
  • Rotary Jaipur Limb Project

 International Charities Supported Financially 2014

Aquabox, Benin Christian Trust, Hamlin Fistula UK, Hope and Homes for Children, Impact Foundation, International Children’s Trust, Lepra, Mary’s Meals, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Motivation, Philippines, Rotary Juipur Limb, Samaritans Purse and others’ shoeboxes, Save the Children, ShelterBox, Sightsavers, Smile Train, Sreepur Village, Suryapet Children’s Orphanage, The Marble Project, UK Aid (Felsted Aid), Water Aid, £964.60 was also given in sponsorship of children/elderly. GRAND TOTAL (including UK government matched funding)  £16,023.81

 Goods collected in District 24

classroom boxes /sacks educational items + exercise books + items of stationery, backpacks, children’s and other books, knitted teddies/dolls, boxes/sacks toys and games + other toys, Toy, Joy and Roy bags, Christmas Shoe boxes, knitted balls, plimsoll bags, emergency boxes, filled margarine tubs, sacks and filled handbags + items of jewellery, purses, personal hygiene items + filled toiletry bags, toothbrushes, tubes toothpaste, haberdashery bundles +other haberdashery items, sewing machines, layettes + prem. baby sets, knitted vests, hats, scarves, gloves or mittens, jumpers and cardigans, bags/boxes of children’s clothing, bags shoes, boots + other shoes, child’s coat, adult coats, large boxes and bags men’s/women’s clothing +men’s clothing, blankets, cot blankets, shawls, bags bedding, pairs spectacles, bag+bras, Medical equipment and books, spades, shears, forks, saws + woodwork tools, computers / printer, toilet rolls/nappies + sacks same, Cleaning materials, wheelchairs, car seats, cot, sweets/chocolate/biscuits Total of at least 3508 items + 159 sacks or boxes of aid items
International Inner Wheel Social Project Happier Futures was supported by clubs in GB&I by giving £74,785.93 to Hope and Homes for Children. International Service Committee Chairman, Ann Acaster also reported a total of £363,000 for Charities working Internationally. These figures show that between Home and International Service, over one and  a half million pounds was raised by members throughout GB&I