District 24 Publicity

A photograph appears on the front page of the Association website http://www.innerwheel.co.uk/.   The Photograph shows Association President Liz Thomas along with District Chairman Celia Clark, Member of Council Jane Brown and members of the inner Wheel Club of Billericay on a visit to Lake Meadows, Billericay.  The visit was to see the Inner Wheel forever Roses donated by District 24 members to the park.

A News Article has also appeared on the International Inner Wheel website http://www.internationalinnerwheel.org/latest-news/2018/01/06/forever-rose-donations/.    The article is about the rose planting and Liz’s visit as well as an article about a small group of members visiting Little Haven’s Hospice to find out more about the activities of the organization.  District Chairman Celia Clark and members were pleased to be joined by Association International Service Committee Chairman Shamim Govani and  Fozia Zuberi, National Representative Pakistan.

These two articles recognise the great work we are doing in District 24.

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